The room, like the house, is a place where we spend most of our time

It’s a strategic space in our house and should be decorated accordingly. The room is the ultimate space to live in, because it gives us everything we need to feel relaxed and at home. This is what makes all these walls so much fun to decorate.

A room can be an empty space or it can have some furniture or objects. A carpet can add comfort or style to the room; a wallpaper or paint kit doesn’t have any effect on its look. A kitchen and dining table are also important rooms for us – they provide us with necessary things when we are hungry and thirsty; a bedroom is where you sleep when you get tired from work; a bathroom, on the other hand,

It is a common belief that the room is the most important part of a home. A room can be used for different things such as sleeping, playing, studying etc. Various images have been created to represent rooms in different ways

Room is one of the most common rooms in a house. It is a place for living and people tend to use it for different purposes. But these days, people have started to think about their room as part of their personality. So they try to make something special about it like drawing a cool cartoon or maybe painting something colorful.