Room is one of the basic elements in any living place

It is a space that connects the people living in it and those who come to visit it. It can be used for storage, storage or sitting.

It is a space that connects people to each other and also serves as a meeting point where they can come together to talk and discuss any topic relating to the environment, social policies or even politics.

It can be used equally well for men and women as men have their own rooms while women have theirs too. It should not be confused with the bedroom which has its own separate room and only one of them has their bed in it while they sleep in another bedroom across the hall.

The room is one of the most important elements of any house. It is where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it is essential that a room has an interesting look, with furniture that fits in with the wall colour and decor.

A well-designed room needs to be able to give your life a sense of comfort, style and elegance. The right furniture can help you achieve this aim; but some pieces are better than others.

The design we see in the rooms today has changed radically over the years, but many aspects remain the same: colour schemes and styles have remained largely unchanged since they were first introduced in Europe 150 years ago.

The way you live your life will also inform how you choose to furnish your home – ie whether you want a minimalist approach or a mix of.

It is a room, so the setting should be specific. The more detailed the setting, the better. It should include rooms that you can use for different purposes and not just a bedroom.