A room is the most important element of a home

But if you have a large family, it can be difficult for them to find a room to share. So how do you choose a perfect room for them? Which color will compliment the children’s bedroom and which will fit the parents’ needs?

I am sitting in my „living room” and I am listening to music. Can I write something about this living room? Should I write about how amazing or boring it is or something else? How do I answer these questions when writing about my living room?

We need to give more room to our children. The idea of a „child-friendly” house is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Parents in today’s world expect their kids to have their own room and do not mind if they have to share a bedroom with the other kids.

The area of a room is determined by the wall, the door and the windows. Each room has its own distinctive appearance, which can be enhanced or improved by adding wallpaper or carpets.